Online Home Based Business Mistakes – Your Home Based Business Would Fail If You Don’t Avoid This!

Have you compiled all the information that you need to start your new online home based business? However, have you been told that many newbies failed to earn money, and lost all their money, and then they went back to their old job? This fact may sound devastating to most of us, especially those who always wanted to leave their day job and looking for better business opportunities.In fact, starting your own business at home in order to achieve the life that you always wanted – building a profitable one is indeed achievable if you learn from mistakes. As a newbie, you cannot afford to make mistakes that can put your business at stake. Therefore, you can actually learn other people’s mistakes – although you haven’t started making one big mistake yet.Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong nicheIt basically means that either you’ve no interest at that niche, or you don’t have a single clue about what the niche is all about. This only happens when you haven’t thoroughly done enough research including keyword and topic research, and product research. It could take a few of your quality hours (probably days) to complete this research.You’ll slowly lose passion on the niche that you don’t really like causing lack of focus and perseverance. If you fail to understand your niche well enough – you’ll be easily out-ranked by your competitors that make it harder for your business to survive.Mistake #2: Do not have a proper working scheduleAlthough you’re your own boss of your own online home based business, it doesn’t mean that you can work whenever you want. If you don’t have a strict working schedule – you tend to procrastinate and delaying all the important work. Soon, you’ll have a huge pile of workloads, and you’re unable to get things done productively. Many newbies have been misled by quotes like “Make Money While You’re Sleeping” and “Create Your Own Auto-pilot Income” – giving them an impression that they can work lazily – in fact, building a successful home internet business requires discipline, hard work and perseverance.Mistake #3: Treating Your Business as a one-man show performanceBeing a newbie in your new home based business – you have to do all the work on your own since you’ve limited funds to hire others, so that you can others to complete some tasks on your behalf. In the long-term point of view, you need to leverage your business by outsourcing some of your tasks to others – in this case, you can virtual assistants or freelancers to perform time-consuming tasks. If you’re spending too much time on small tasks – for instance, logo designing or data entry tasks; you’ll not be able to concentrate on other important tasks – for instance, website promotion, content creation or building backlinks.Learn from these common mistakes and stay persistent in building a profitable online home based business.

Education Logos – More Than an Art

Education logos set the tone for building an image of a company engaged in the provision of education-related services. Logos are generally used to establish a company’s identity and image in the mind of its existing and prospective customers, associates and other related parties. Good education logos are ones that make a company memorable, while accurately conveying the company’s true identity.

How Can Education Logos Look Great?

Great education logos are ones that are excellent memory triggers and a look at them enables the viewer to identify the institution. A major promotional tool, education logos are used by institutions and companies to promote their education related products and services, whether coaching, stationery or advisory. Education logos can be made to look great by having an appropriate understanding of the company for which it is to be designed and following of certain rules and regulations related to the designing concepts.

Here are certain tips for designing great education logos:

It should not be similar to or a copy of an existing logo. Instead, it should be an innovative and unique logo. Use a combination of colors related to the education field. For instance, soft colors and designs related to books or knowledge can be used to design a good education logo.

The use of appropriate fonts is important to appropriately represent the company’s business. The use of commonly recognized fonts can help a company get instant recognition. Similarly, the use of fonts that are not easily comprehensible can defeat the very purpose of the business logo. The logo should be a representative of a company’s brand.

The logo should be simple so that it can easily find a place in the minds of the viewers. Avoid including taglines in the logo. Instead, the focus should be on the size and the design of logo.

Education logos are successful if they:
Can attract new customers
Build and strengthen the reputation of the company they represent
Instill increased confidence in the customer’s mind

Education Logos: Pre-designed or custom made?

Good and effective education logos can be developed by either choosing from the pre-designed templates offered by a number of logo designing companies or getting one tailor-made. The second option is always better, since it enables the logo designer to understand the true nature of the business of an education company and incorporate this understanding in the logo design. Custom made logo design also allows the customer company to give suggestions regarding preferences.

Pixellogo Creative Designs offers pre-designed and custom made logos for a variety of businesses, including those in the education industry. Its team of expert graphic designers has wide experience in creating unique logos for large and small companies, at the most affordable prices.

Is Your Home Based Business a Real Business Or a Hobby?

In the world of network marketing there are pretty much two diverse types of people. Persons who consider their home based businesses like a BUSINESS and those who treat it like a HOBBY. Think it or not that can bring about the difference between being someone who makes a few hundred maybe even a couple thousand a month and those persons who make hundreds of thousands every year!If you’d like to be in the category of people who make 6 or 7 figures a year in your home based business listen up because this could truly be the article that changes your business forever!95% of all folks in network marketing treat their businesses like a hobby. What do I have in mind by that precisely?- The don’t have set work hours
- The don’t have their goals set in stone
- The don’t have enough “skin in the game”
- And they don’t expect successLet’s look at all of these things one at a time and you make your mind up for yourself if you engage in a “business” or a “hobby”.One of the chief reasons why folks want to work for themselves is because they desire to work WHEN they want to work. Now that can be a fine thing or a dangerous thing. Yes it is tremendous to be able to change your work hours around your life, stuff like family outings, school plays, little league games. However, in the beginning at least, it’s very important that you mark down the hours you plan to work each week.That doesn’t necessitate that you have to work 9-5 Monday through Friday it just means that you want to keep track of how frequently and how long you are in reality working your business. A percentage of individuals go out of business because they think they are working more than they actually are. By setting out times and days when you will shut out the world and specifically work on your business you make sure that you get the work done and keep your business on the right track!It may well be as effortless as working 2 hours before you go to work in the morning, 2 hours when you come home and 3 hours on weekends. Or it can be that you only work Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays but on those days you block off 4 hours at a time to call prospects or market online. Whatever it is that you decide on map it out and then stick to it!Not having your goals set in stone is one more trouble that many home business owners face. Think of it this way, if you were going to invest your capital in opening your own restaurant you would want to have financial goals right? I suggest you’d want to be aware of how much you needed to make each month to cover your expenses and still have a decent profit left over. You would also in all probability have an image of how your business should be progressing over the next 6, 12 and even 24 or 36 months.Simply put if you aren’t writing out the goals you come up with for your business and looking at them every day you are treating your business more like a hobby and not as much like a business.Now what do I have in mind when I say, “they don’t have enough skin in the game”? Well let’s go back to the restaurant analogy once more for a moment. All conventional brick and mortar businesses cost a LOT of money up front to create. That’s why people take them so earnestly. To start off a business it can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to get it off the ground.The customary home based business typically costs less than $1000 to get started and in a lot of cases less than $500. Do you see the difference? Hundreds of thousands VS a few hundred, there is no mistaking that you’re perhaps going to take the more costly business more seriously. However, that can be what hurts you in your home based business.Just because a business might not cost that much to begin doesn’t mean it can’t generate you 6 or 7 figures. So be sure you behave toward your $400 business (or however much it is) like its a million dollar investment and you’ll exert yourself that much harder to see success!Finally we come to one of the leading problems, not expecting success. If you’re going to be a part of a home based business, well in reality ANY business, you have to EXPECT to succeed.I listen to so many people say “Well I’m going to give this thing a shot” and guess what the people who say that usually don’t make any money. If you expect to fail you will most likely fail. However, when you expect to succeed it’s only a matter of time until you will.Nobody would begin a traditional business and say “Well we’ll see how this thing goes” NO WAY! When you start a business you have to KNOW you’re going to profit or else it’s just a misuse of time and money. The difference between success and failure really is right between your ears.So what do you believe? Have you decided if you’re treating your business like a business or a hobby yet? If the answer is “hobby” I hope that you understand that that can all change TODAY!Take the tips I’ve given you and fire up yourself on the trail to amazing accomplishment with the advantage of your home based business right now!